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Beginning as a single tankwagon business in 1967, Fickler Oil Company has grown far beyond the founders’ expectations, serving Montanans all over the state. Our team works to improve business operations for each of our local companies. Each and every member of the Fickler Oil Company team is dedicated to the betterment of our Montana communities. Learn more about our team below!

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Fickler Oil Company
Todd Fickler President & Owner

Todd oversees nearly all aspects of the company from budgets to staff to new business ventures, Todd does a little bit of everything from time to time! You may even catch Todd picking up garbage or plowing snow from time to time!

Lesley Fickler HR Coordinator

Lesley is responsible for nearly every part of the employment process. She coordinates hiring efforts, assists in onboarding new employees, and runs the payroll for Fickler Oil Company's 70 plus employees every two weeks. Lesley's job duties extend beyond the employment process sphere! She is also in charge of ordering and tagging most all the Montana made and inspired items found in each of our convenience stores.

General Manager
Paige Fickler-Cleveland General Manager

Paige's focus lies within the efficiency of each of the Fickler Oil companies. Her job is to improve the operations and profits of each company under the Fickler Oil umbrella. She works closely with each manager within the company assisting in a wide range of areas from personnel issues to advertising.

Cody Cleveland Maintenance

Cody is responsible for maintaining the car wash at Fic's Plaza. While the car wash is his main priority, when things go awry, he steps in to help at any of our locations. Cody has plowed snow, mowed grass at Indian Creek Campground, and unloaded the oil order at Fic's Plaza. In a pinch, Cody becomes Richard's right-hand man!

Bulk & Wholesale Fuel Bookkeeper
Bill Clayton Bulk & Wholesale Fuel Bookkeeper

Bill is the first face you will see upon entering the Fickler Oil office. He is the one who will take your fuel or oil order over the phone, and the one who can answer any questions you may have about your bulk fuel or store account. He also prepares and maintains the bookwork for Fickler Oil Company's tankwagon business, Fickler Distributing, and Golden Spike Casino.

Controller & IT Administrator
Joe Gray Controller & IT Administrator

Joe plans, directs, and coordinates all accounting functions for Fickler Oil Company and all companies associated with Fickler Oil Company. He also serves as the company's IT Administrator solving technological issues and setting up new equipment. Joe has played an integral role at Fickler Oil Company for more than 20 years.

Convenience Store Bookkeeper
Tanya Dahl Convenience Store Bookkeeper

Tanya performs daily accounting tasks for each of the three convenience stores such as month- end closings, accounts payable, inventory, and much more. To fulfill her duties, Tanya works closely with the managers of each of the convenience stores as they trade information regarding the bookwork daily.

Assistant Bookkeeper
Jamilyn Campbell Assistant Bookkeeper

Jamilyn serves as the manager of the Golden Spike Casino for Fickler Oil in the mornings, and works as an assistant bookkeeper within the Fickler Oil office in the afternoons. You will find her posting shift reports for our convenience stores, entering invoices for Subway and Fickler Distributing, and entering Subway reports.

Richard Persons Maintenance

Richard fixes and maintains equipment, machines, and buildings at all Fickler Oil companies. When an issue arises such as a broken fuel nozzle, the managers will reach out to Richard for help. Richard does most anything from plowing snow, staining tables, to installing a new ice machine; he is the managers' right hand man.

Office Dog
Oscar Office Dog

Oscar is the Fickler family dog. He is a purebred mini dachshund. He comes to work with Todd and Lesley nearly everyday. Oscar loves to greet visitors with a loud yelp, but soon after he is begging to be pet and happily wagging his tail back and forth!