Fickler Distributing

Wholesale Fuel Distribution

Fickler Distributing is a trucking company that delivers Conoco and Sinclair fuel to wholesale fuel customers of Fickler Oil Company. We deliver 5,000 gallons and up to gas stations, construction sites, and more, throughout the state of Montana. Fickler Distributing was established in 1983 to expand the fuel delivery service Fickler Oil Company began in 1967. Fickler Distributing is owned and operated by Fickler Oil Company's president and the founding owner's, Lawerence and Frankie Fickler's son, Todd Fickler. To become a wholesale customer of Fickler Oil Company, and to have Fickler Distributing deliver your fuel, reach out to Fickler Oil Company by calling (406) 846-3970.

During the winter months, Fickler Oil Company is happy to blend our diesel fuel, upon customer request.


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Meet the Drivers

Keith Jesse , Tanker Truck Driver
Keith delivers fuel for Fickler Distributing. He often goes to work in the wee hours of the morning to get his loads hauled before the store locations he delivers to, gets busy! Not only does Keith deliver our customers fuel, he is in charge of coordinating and managing the schedule of each load and the number of gallons which will be delivered. Keith has been a key figure for Fickler Distributing since 1989.

Cameron Brown , Tanker Truck Driver
Cameron also delivers fuel for Fickler Distributing! He works the later shift, and often gets on the road after Keith is done with his loads. Cameron works in conjunction with Keith to ensure the store locations we deliver to will always have fuel.

  • E-10, 87 Octane Unleaded Gasoline
  • E-10, 89 Octane UL Midgrade Gasoline
  • E-10, 91 Octane UL Premium Gasoline
  • Non Ethanol Blended 91 Octane Premium Gasoline (Availability may vary)
  • ULS 15ppm Dyed Off-Road Diesel (Red #2)
  • ULS 15ppm #1 Heating Oil/Stove Oil (Red #1)
  • ULS 15ppm Clear On-Road Diesel (Clear #2)
  • ULS 15ppm Clear On-Road Diesel (Clear #1)