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Fic's Plaza Deli Attendant

Location: Fics Plaza
Looking for someone who is willing to work either part-time or full-time

Subway Sandwich Prep Person

Location: Subway
Now hiring someone who is willing to work part-time as a prep person to slice meats and prepare veggies for the Subway

Fic's Plaza C-Store Cashier

Location: Fics Plaza
Hiring adults with a flexible schedule to cashier 3 to 5 days a week

Fickler Oil Maintenance

Location: Fickler Oil
In need of someone who would be willing to do maintenance M-F, pay dependent upon skill set

Subway Sandwich Artist

Location: Subway
Seeking adults with open schedules to work as part or full time sandwich artists

Golden Spike Bookkeeper & Floor Runner

Location: Golden Spike
Searching for a part-time, morning bookkeeper and floor runner! Inquire by calling GSC at (406) 846-1565 or apply by filling out the application above

Subway Manager

Location: Subway
Now hiriring someone to take on managerial responsibilites at the Subway