We understand that our customers are very busy.  Let our drivers save you time by having your fuel delivered right to your tank.  Whether your work is at a farm, ranch, mine, construction site or other business, we are honored to be your fuel provider.  We offer competitive prices and exceptional service. Fickler Oil’s bulk fuel delivery services offer several fuel types and grades within our delivery area.


  • E-10, 87 Octane Unleaded Gasoline

  • E-10, 89 Octane UL Midgrade Gasoline

  • E-10, 91 Octane UL Premium Gasoline

  • Non Ethanol Blended 91 Octane Premium Gasoline (Availability may vary)


  • ULS 15ppm Dyed Off-Road Diesel (Red #2)

  • ULS 15ppm #1 Heating Oil/Stove Oil (Red #1)

  • ULS 15ppm Clear On-Road Diesel (Clear #2)

  • ULS 15ppm Clear On-Road Diesel (Clear #1)

Agricultural Standard Montana Diesel or Gasoline Tax Refund Form: https://www.mdt.mt.gov/other/webdata/external/administration/forms/fueltax/AG_REFUND_FORM.pdf


For updated fuel pricing information,

please call our Deer Lodge office at 406-846-3970 or Billings office at 406-245-1150.

We provide both tanker and tank wagon loads in the Deer Lodge area.  Only tanker loads are available in the Billings area.

We also have a wide variety of fuel additives that will suit your needs.